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See what people are saying about Amazing Nok Out!

Oh Boys Leave HER Alone!

Kim C.

I would like to congratulate you on your product "Nok Out" It is terrific. As a cat breeder, I have tried MANY different products to combat various smells. NokOut does the trick. It eliminates litter box odor and stale smells in the rooms. I used it to remove stains left from spit ups and it again amazed me as to how well Nok Out worked at removing the stains.

The best part, as a breeder, is the fact that when I sprayed the Nok Out on a female in season, how the boys left her alone. What a bonus.

Thank you again for producing such a wonderful product.

Sue Philip
Winterlude Cats
Hamilton, Ontario

Rave Reviews

Kim C.

I'm just writing to let you know how much I enjoy your product Nok Out. I have used it on my cat's litter box and around the box, and the odors have disappeared. In fact, even the cat can't figure out what is going on! I have also used Nok Out in my children's sneakers. My son's friend came over for a visit, and as soon as you walked into the house, you could smell his foot odor. I immediately grabbed my bottle of Nok Out and sprayed it full strength into his shoes. Then, I proceeded to spray his feet! The odor completely disappeared, so much in fact, that my son's friend was amazed! He said he'd probably get some Nok Out for his mom for Mother's Day! What a better gift for a mother to have, than not to smell stinky feet!

I have shared this product with family and friends, and I have yet to hear anything disparaging about it. I think it's a great product, and everyday I am finding new uses for it.

Denise Williams

Pet Problems Solved

Kim C.

I have been an employee of a pet store for many years now. In that time I have tried many different odor destroying products, but never have I found that they work to my satisfaction. Then I tried Nok Out!

I was most impressed with how well it worked for my ferret (and my husbands gym shoes). I just spray some on her and ZAP…odors are gone. There is also a little playhouse hammock she sleeps in. I always had trouble making it smell fresh. I even tried deodorizing ferret shampoo. Now I just soak it in some hot water with a little Nok Out , and wow,I got the same results. Nok Out also worked well for my chinchilla who liked to spray the walls. It removed the stains beautifully. It also works well for removing urine buildup in the cage corners of hamster, guinea pig and rabbits. I just spray it in the corners and it helps break down that heavy build up for less scrubbing. Nok Out is definitely a product I will stand by. Never have I been so impressed with how well a product worked for me! I will be recommending it to all my family, friends, and most of all, my valued customers.

Tina Logan

This product is amazing!

Kim C.

My dog was skunked and Nok Out just knocked it right out. I was able to cuddle with her in bed the very next morning. Thank you so much!

Doris Waschinski

Goodbye Paint Fumes

Kim C.

When we were renovating our offices we had to have things back to working order as quickly as possible. of Canada suggested we use Nok Out to eliminate the overwhelming odor that came with painting and finishing. After only two applications the paint and urethane odors were completely gone and the office was back open for business. Nok Out worked effectively and I would recommend it to anyone who has odor problems.

Heidi Holdsworth

Super Deodorizer

Kim C.

I’m impressed! NokOut is just the best deodorizer I have ever used. I’ve been sitting in the chair that my pet soiled and I can smell not a thing! And I have the best sniffer in the world, especially with my allergies. I used your product on a number of other pieces of furniture as well, to freshen them up after I steam cleaned them. I am so impressed with the product that I would like to purchase more. Please send me the same amount as last time and charge it to my credit card number. Thanks again for all your helpful advice. I will certainly pass along the name of your product to others with similar problems.

Kathy L. Dodds

This Stuff is Great!

Kim C.

Just want to say – this stuff is great! I’ve used it in my truck and in my house. I’ve tried all sorts fo other odor products, nothing like this. Most odor products just cover it with a fragrant smell for a short period of time. But this Nok Out got rid of the smell for weeks at a time. I want more Nok Out.


Dog Show

Kim C.

I bought this product at the Dog Show at the Skydome in Toronto in December and was amazed how incredible it worked. We have two dogs that urinate on the front concrete porch and it has been a problem getting rid of the smell. We have tried everything and can’t believe how Nok Out works, it truly is amazing.


Air Purification

Kim C.

I was given a bottle of your Nok Out odor eliminator and it is the best product I have ever used for air purification. The best part is that while Nok Out gets rid of lingering odors from smoking and cooking, it leaves no scent and appears to be non-allergenic, which is wonderful since my husband reacts to many cleaning and air purification products.

Linda Williams

Professionals use it!

Kim C.

My sister and I own and operate a Dog grooming, daycare and walking business and are dedicated users of Nok Out. We use it to clean the floors, counters, table tops, the lounging couch and even used it to de-skunk a dog. I not only use it at work but I also use it in my car and everywhere around my house that has unwanted odors. 

Because of how pleased we are with the product we decided to sell it in our store so customers that always complain of odor problems in their homes can enjoy a safe, non-toxic, odorless, non-staining product that works. All our clients that have tried NokOut keep coming back for more. Finally, something that actually WORKS!

Tracey Forshaw

Cantope Kennel

Kim C.

Cantope Kennel has been using Nok Out for just over a year now. We use it daily in our dog boarding kennel, especially for cleaning out a run after a visitor has left us. We also give Nok Out to all our buyers and suggest they use it, especially when their new pup has an ‘accident’. Nok Out not only will remove the odor but also the scent so the puppy doesn’t instinctively return to that spot next time!


Removes smoke odors

Kim C.

As a smoker and owner of three cats and a dog, I’m very pleased with your product. I’ve used it on furniture, carpets, mixed it with cleaner and cleaned the floors and misted it in the interior of my car. It’s so great to have a product that doesn’t stain or mark and doesn’t reek of some awful perfume. Thank you! I’ll be sure to recommend Nok Out to anyone with ‘smelly’ problems.

Melanie Park

Hockey Equipment Smells Great

Kim C.

I got a sample bottle from the hockey show to try on my hockey equipment. I was told to try it on 1 elbow pad a few times and see the difference between the treated elbow pad and the non treated one. After just one use (4-5 sprays) I found it Nok’d Out the odor 100%. My main concern was my hockey gloves. Although I was told its hard to treat the tight finger areas in the glove I applied a few sprays anyway, and to my surprise NokOut eliminated 98% of the smell after just 1 application. Although I was told that a 4 oz bottle will only do my elbow pads and knee pads, I was able get rid of 98% of the hockey smell from ALL my equipment. 

Nok Out is an amazing product that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to eliminate any type of order. You have to try it, to believe it.

Thanks Nok Out

Jeff K.

Recycling Bins

Kim C.

It works like a charm and my kitchen does not smell from the food scraps that are in the small bucket.It’s a great product! Thanks!

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NokOut vs. Enzymes

Kim C.

So far, so good. I’ve treated the area in my basement that had been heavily soiled with puppy urine, etc. It’s taken a couple of treatments but it has greatly improved & I suspect that some of the smells that persist are from spots that have been missed. Still, overall I am impressed as I had been using enzyme treatments that did next to nothing & left a chalky looking residue on the concrete. Feel free to use my comments.

Thanks again.


Wet dog odors

Kim C.

And Merry Xmas to you! It would be a very STINKY xmas without your product! 2 Days of Rain, 33 wet dogs… enuf to make anyone gag! Feel free to use this as a testimonial

Best Regards

Susan Steiner


Kim C.

I don’t need to order again yet, but I did want to send you thanks for my recent experience with Nok Out. It was the day of a concert performance in which I would be performing. That morning, because I didn’t have the required knee-length black skirt for the occasion, I went to a local vintage store, where I found the perfect black wool skirt–only to realize, once I had it home, that it was truly permeated with musty vintage-clothing odor, and I had no time to take it to the cleaner’s. I then remembered reading on the Nok Out label that this was one possible application, so in desperation (what could I lose?), I followed the instructions: Treating one side at a time, I sprayed the fabric evenly with a baking soda-water solution, then with Nok Out, and then hung the skirt outside to air-dry (it was a cold but sunny day).I repeated the NokOut once more on the outside, since the fabric didn’t seem to be adversely affected at all. In little over an hour, the odor was actually completely gone and the skirt seemed as fresh as if it had indeed been at the cleaner’s. The musty odor has never returned, either.I’m bringing the Nok Out booklet to the vintage store today to recommend it to them and their customers. Many thanks for this product!


 Karen Ready

Using NokOut product in your arena

Kim C.

My name is Tom Campbell and I am the manager at Munn Ice Arena, Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. I have been in the ice arena business for over 30 years. Everyone in this business knows the bad smells that are associated with hockey players equipment, locker rooms and all related areas. It is an odor that is like no other. We pride ourselves at Michigan State in being one of the cleanest arenas in the country and we invite anyone to stop by and check it our for yourself. That being said, there are still odors that all the cleaning in the world can’t keep under control. That is until we came across this product called Nok Out. At first I thought it was too good to be true and it was just another odor masking product. I soon found out that there was no odor other than a fresh air smell. I researched the MSDA sheet that was given to me by Mr. Brian Gay. I listened carefully to what he was saying about the product and what it could do. I have dealt with salesman for years and I have learned what are good products and what are not. Brian was honest and straight forward with me so I decided to give the product a try. We have a misting system on a timer that treats our locker room spaces and our loading dock area. Our loading dock area is notorious for bad food odors from our concession stands. This product really works!! There is not much more to say than that. We get compliments all the time about the clean smell in our locker rooms. I have a lot of confidence in that product for odor control and its bacteria killing qualities. You are more than welcome to stop by and smell for yourself.


Tom Campbell


Kim C.

I found out about Nok Out at a pet show. Works great on everything. I was amazed to find out that it can even get rid of the scent from my husband’s hockey equipment!!! ‘Nuff said.

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Kim C.

I just bought a spray bottle of Nok Out and I am very impressed with it. I have tried almost every brand on the market to help with cat urine odor. Not one of them ‘worked’. used NokOut to clean all the spots (carpet and tile) where my cats had ‘accidents’; cleaned/sprayed their litterbox; basically I cleaned/sprayed everywhere there were issues with my cat. All the ‘odors’ are gone. When I walk into my condo, I cannot smell anything….this is a good thing.

Royleen Robinson