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Feliway & NokOut

Kim C.

This note is to let you know that I have received all of the products I ordered from each of you, and have faithfully used them according to the instructions that each of you provided in such a detailed way. I wanted to provide you with an update on my success. In the first photo below you will see our two beautiful Chantilly-Tiffany male cats, who turned one year of age on Valentine’s Day 2003. Mocha is the “chocolate” coloured one and his brother, “Storm” is a neutered blue male. It has always been intended that Mocha would fly to Edmonton in mid 2003 to be bred and therefore we are endeavoring to keep him intact; this status was very compromised by his increasing tendency to mark around the house over the past couple of months. The situation became so difficult for us that the Edmonton breeder suggested that we might have no option other than to neuter him and forget about the breeding arrangement. Faced with this permanent but not so desirable solution, I decided to dedicate one morning to a search for a new solution (and I thought I had tried them all, as my shelves indicate!) and that is when I found Feliway and Lou … who led me to Dennis and NokOut.Mocha’s worst victim for many weeks was an expensive custom coverlet I had purchased for my queen sized bed. It was made of a durable, but not readily ‘washable’ material and after taking it to the dry cleaner a few times only to find out that dry cleaning CANNOT remove odour, I was ready to write off this item which cost me well over $1,000 as recently as December. Dennis, I very much appreciate the 40 minutes or so that you spent on the phone providing me with such detailed information about the use of Nok Out.It was clear after our conversation that NokOut would need to be used before Feliway could have a chance of success. I did my best to follow your instructions to the letter, and as I got each area deodorized with NokOut, I then commenced a daily Feliway regimen. My new coverlet was the biggest task. Frankly I had to get it de-odourized or throw it out, since keeping it in the house was not a pleasant proposition. I could not justify attempting to put it through a commercial washer and dryer since I know it is not really washable and dryable. Contrary to Dennis’ recommendation, I did not attempt a colour fast test, since if Nok Out was going to be problematic as to colour, the item was a write-off anyway due to its smell. So I simply bit the bullet, filled my bathtub with about 3″ of water, added 1/2 gallon of Nok Out, put the coverlet into it and moved it around and re-arranged it until the entire thing had soaked up all of the water. I then laid it out on my guest bed, which I had pre-draped with plastic and layers of towels around the floor to catch drips, thinking that if I laid it flat on a bed the same size as mine, it should dry to pretty much the correct size and shape. I turned on the ceiling fan, closed the door, and went back in every 12 hours to change the towels and flip the coverlet (which is lined and filled with quilt batting).

As of yesterday, when I went into the guest room to check on the coverlet, it was dry and even putting my nose right against the fabric, I can detect no trace of a smell. In fact, the entire room smells exactly as it would as if the walls were freshly painted and the carpet newly steam cleaned. Considering that 4 days ago it would be a hardship to be in the same room with that coverlet for even 1 minute, this is an amazing turn-around. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had continued to spray my ‘substitute’ old cotton coverlet with Feliway each day. The only morning my bed was marked was when Mocha ran in the door early in the morning BEFORE I did my Feliway spraying. Back to Nok Out I went, re-cleaned that coverlet, resprayed it and have sprayed it every day since. Now my Feliway plug-in atomizers have arrived from Lou and I have one running in my bedroom. However, I will continue to spray the coverlet on a daily basis for at least another month since my bed was Mocha’s most specific target, earning at least a daily ‘hit’. In nearly 2 weeks there has only been the one marking incident, on the day when I was late with the Feliway.

Mocha is a beautiful fellow and I know that the breeder who would like to breed him to her female later in 2003 is very pleased with our results with Feliway and Nok Out to date. As we are hoping to receive a kitten from this proposed breeding, we too are very excited about our early success and only hope that it continues! We seem to have accomplished at least one major goal – which is “breaking the cycle” that Mocha had gotten into – and I feel that we have accomplished a second important objective of salvaging my beautiful coverlet (which I will store safely and NOT put back onto the bed until we are much further along the road than we are now).

It will probably be many more weeks before we can truly declare we are completely out of the woods, but our early results are so good and so astonishing that I wanted to share them with you, and tell both of you thank you!

Kind regards,

Lynn Holliday