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See what people are saying about Amazing Nok Out!

Hockey Equipment Smells Great

Kim C.

I got a sample bottle from the hockey show to try on my hockey equipment. I was told to try it on 1 elbow pad a few times and see the difference between the treated elbow pad and the non treated one. After just one use (4-5 sprays) I found it Nok’d Out the odor 100%. My main concern was my hockey gloves. Although I was told its hard to treat the tight finger areas in the glove I applied a few sprays anyway, and to my surprise NokOut eliminated 98% of the smell after just 1 application. Although I was told that a 4 oz bottle will only do my elbow pads and knee pads, I was able get rid of 98% of the hockey smell from ALL my equipment. 

Nok Out is an amazing product that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to eliminate any type of order. You have to try it, to believe it.

Thanks Nok Out

Jeff K.