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Have a question, suggestion or need some help with a particularly difficult situation? We put our customers first and strive to help them when and where we can.  Simply fill out the form on the right, call or write to us. Someone will get back to you soon.

Avez-vous une question, suggestion ou besoin d'un peu d'aide avec une situation particulièrement difficile? Nous mettons nos clients en premier et nous efforçons de les aider quand et où nous pouvons. Remplissez le formulaire a la droite, appelez ou écrivez-nous. Quelqu'un vous répondra bientôt.


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Pet Problems Solved

Kim C.

I have been an employee of a pet store for many years now. In that time I have tried many different odor destroying products, but never have I found that they work to my satisfaction. Then I tried Nok Out!

I was most impressed with how well it worked for my ferret (and my husbands gym shoes). I just spray some on her and ZAP…odors are gone. There is also a little playhouse hammock she sleeps in. I always had trouble making it smell fresh. I even tried deodorizing ferret shampoo. Now I just soak it in some hot water with a little Nok Out , and wow,I got the same results. Nok Out also worked well for my chinchilla who liked to spray the walls. It removed the stains beautifully. It also works well for removing urine buildup in the cage corners of hamster, guinea pig and rabbits. I just spray it in the corners and it helps break down that heavy build up for less scrubbing. Nok Out is definitely a product I will stand by. Never have I been so impressed with how well a product worked for me! I will be recommending it to all my family, friends, and most of all, my valued customers.

Tina Logan