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Avez-vous une question, suggestion ou besoin d'un peu d'aide avec une situation particulièrement difficile? Nous mettons nos clients en premier et nous efforçons de les aider quand et où nous pouvons. Remplissez le formulaire a la droite, appelez ou écrivez-nous. Quelqu'un vous répondra bientôt.


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Kim C.

I don’t need to order again yet, but I did want to send you thanks for my recent experience with Nok Out. It was the day of a concert performance in which I would be performing. That morning, because I didn’t have the required knee-length black skirt for the occasion, I went to a local vintage store, where I found the perfect black wool skirt–only to realize, once I had it home, that it was truly permeated with musty vintage-clothing odor, and I had no time to take it to the cleaner’s. I then remembered reading on the Nok Out label that this was one possible application, so in desperation (what could I lose?), I followed the instructions: Treating one side at a time, I sprayed the fabric evenly with a baking soda-water solution, then with Nok Out, and then hung the skirt outside to air-dry (it was a cold but sunny day).I repeated the NokOut once more on the outside, since the fabric didn’t seem to be adversely affected at all. In little over an hour, the odor was actually completely gone and the skirt seemed as fresh as if it had indeed been at the cleaner’s. The musty odor has never returned, either.I’m bringing the Nok Out booklet to the vintage store today to recommend it to them and their customers. Many thanks for this product!


 Karen Ready